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Solar Led Traffic Blinker


Low power consumption(<5 Watt),
constant light output even with variations in supply,
low output degradation,
even distribute of light,
backup up to three continuous cloudy days,
as per NHAI standards

Technical details:

Display Color:Red/Amber
System Voltage: 12 VDC
Aspect Diameter : 30 mm
LED Viewing Angle : 23 degree
Lamp intensity : Greater than 330 cd
IP Protection : IP54
Visibility: Greater than 500 m
LED Wavelength : Amber 590 +- 5nm / Red 625 +- 5 nm
Autonomy : 4 days
Pole height : 12 feet

Product Code Working PV module Battery
STBL-12HRS Dusk to Dawn 15 watt 12v 7ah
STBL-24HRS 24 hour 20 watt 12v 14ah