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Solar Water Heater:
  • We offer you evacuated tube collector solar water heater, ideal for home applications. ETC is most efficient and latest solar thermal tech. The heater consists of an Evacuated tube collector, insulated hot water storage tank, mounting stand and associated piping. The glass evacuated tubes are the most important component of the heater. Infrared rays from sun are absorbed by outer glass tubes to heat the water in vacuum tubes. Due to the difference in specific gravity between hot and cold water, water flow takes place in the tube and this will rise the temperature of watwe in storage tank.

  • We have separated team with high qualified, knowledgeable and experienced persons. Our rooftop PV system has novel design, full functions and high quality and we have range of solar plant capacity from 3Kw to 1Mw . We sincerely welcome your purchase.

Benefits of using solar water heater:
  • No electric power usage.
  • Maintenance free & Economical.
  • 24x7 hot water facility.
  • Payback period around 3 years in comparison with electricity & Gas.
  • Eco friendly as well as cost saving

Installation Layout:
For Overhead tank filling,

For Motor filling,paraller/Underfround tank, bottom drain system, 100% hot