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1.P10 Outdoor Led Screen:

Display Function:Video
Pixel Pitch / Density: 10mm
Type of lighting Application : Indoor lighting,Outdoor Lighting
Display Function : Video
Pixel Pitch / Density : 10mm
color : Full Colour
Type : Outdoor Type
Display Size : costomized

Item Name P10 outdoor LED display
LED Encapsulation DIP 346
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Module Resolution(W*H) 16dots*16dots
Cabinet size 960mm x 960mm
Cabinet Resolution 96 dots (W) x 96 dots(H)
Pixel Configuration 1 R 1G 1B(3 in 1)
Pixel Density 1000 pixelm2
Driving Method Static Scan Mode
Refresh Frequency >=1000Hz(supporting high refresh rate and depending on system configuration)
Driving IC Special constant current IC with high refresh rate and high gray scale
White Balance Brightness >6000 cd/m2
Color Temperature 8000 K += 500 K (adjustable)
Viewing Angle Horizontal Angle 100. Vertical Angle 50.
Optimal Viewing Distance >10m
Working Voltage DC 4.2 V
Max Power Consumption 720 W/m2(White Balance)
Avg Power Consumption 390 W/m2(Normal Working)
Lifetime 50000 Hours
Operating Temperature -10.C ~ 50.C
Weight 65 kg/pcs
2.P8 Outdoor Led Screen:
Description Technical parameter
Unit module: Module size 256*128mm
Pixel pitch 8mm
Pixel Density 15625 dots/m2
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel Resolution 32dots*16dots
Cabinet Dimension 1024*768mm
Quantities of module 24pcs
Total weight 35kg
Best viewing distance 8-100m
Temperature Storage : -35.C ~ +88.C
Working : -10.C ~ 50.C
Remarks Cabinate size can change upon project need
Power Working voltage AC 22v/110v +- 10%
Avg power consumption 300W
Max power consumption <=800 W/sqm
Control System CPU Pentium4 or above
Operating system WIN98/200/NT/XP
Control method synchronization
Main technical Parameter Driving device 1/4 scanning
Drive type Constant Current driver IC
Refresh frequency 320-1000 Hz
Greyscale/colors 256 level of each color (R/G/B) /16.7 M color
Brightness or white balance 7500 cd/sqm
Life time >= 100,000 hours